Boasting major league dimensions in left and center, Brennan Field is designed in a classic mid-twentieth century style, framed in the dark green and gold colors of summer and presents a formidable challenge for power hitters. Ringed by towering pines, the dark background provides hitters with great visibility of the baseball as it leaves the hand of the pitcher.

The only concession to the surrounding terrain is the right field fence, hemmed in by a Minnesota Department of Natural Resources fish hatchery pond just a few paces behind the wall. To keep lefties from enjoying an easy home run, Hinckley has its own version of a “green monster,” which more than doubles the height of the fence in right and makes it a pitchers ballpark.


The large scoreboard in right center field was added in 1998 to show not only the balls, strikes and outs, but the uniform number of the hitter at bat, hit/error rulings by the scorer and the current box score throughout the game. It is operated by remote control from the press box above the grandstand.


Constructed in 2010, the dugouts provide teams with comfortable seating, equipment storage areas, drinking fountains and protection from foul balls.


For groups of fans at the park to see a game, the party deck down the right field line is a great place to see a game. Added in 2015, it features tiers and a high vantage point, where the view of the field is expansive and a luck fan might catch a long foul ball.


Brennan Field is one of the few sports facilities in the region with full lighting for nighttime baseball. Eight towers carry dozens of high-intensity bulbs, flooding the field with light. The lights were installed when the park was new in 1948 and have allowed countless games and tournaments to continue into the late evening hours.


Built in 1956, the dark green wooden grandstand provides bleacher-style seating for more than 400 baseball fans entirely under cover. A remodeling project capped the original wood seats with vinyl covers, and lowered the fence behind the catcher to ground level, providing better visibility of the entire field. Additional open bleacher seating has been added along the first base line. In the evening, watching a game from the grandstand under the lights gives the park a unique, intimate feel.


In a recent update to the park in 2012, bullpens were added for each team down the foul lines, along with a batting cage along the left field corner.


In 2017, a new home plate area and a new pitcher's mound were installed. The concession stand was expanded to include a team pro shop. Along with a full kitchen, a box office for game-day ticket sales, rest room facilities and picnic tables on the grounds, Brennan Field is a complete baseball facility. The property is owned by the Hinckley-Finlayson school district. It is leased to and maintained by the Hinckley Athletic Association in the summer months to host regular season games, pre-, mid- and post-season tournaments.